• Ana Sayfa

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DSD 050 Earthquake Gas Shut-off Unit

• Microprocessor controlled,
• Semiconductor acceleration sensors,
• Non-seismic accelerations filtered,
• Maintenance free,
• Capable of doing self -test,
• 12 V-DC internal battery,
• Direct interface to solenoid gas valves,
• Metallic housing.

The DSD-050 Earthquake Gas Shut-off Unit is a high-tech device which detects seismic acceleration occurring during an earthquake and generates control signals to shutdown the solenoid valve.
DSD-050 is based on very sensitive silicon micromachined sensors. It is lightweight, small, maintenance free and capable of performing self-test.
The seismic properties of the device are conformal to ANSI Z.21-70(1981), ASCE 25-97 and TS-12884 (2002) standards.