• Ana Sayfa

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DKM 430 Multiple Network Analyser

DKM 430 is a precision instrument allowing the measurement, recording and remote monitoring of 10 3-phased or 30 single-phased feeders (or any combination of these two) in AC distribution panels. The number and flexibility of current inputs allow the unit to be used in a variety of applications like power distribution network monitoring, ISO50001 energy efficiency or home and factory automation.
• Equivalent to 10 3-phase analysers
• True RMS measurements
• 0.5% measurement precision
• Internal record memory: 1MB
• Internal battery backed-up real time clock
• Isolated RS-485 serial port
• MODBUS-RTU communication
• Internal GPRS modem (optional)
• 2 programmable relay outputs
• 2 optically isolated programmable inputs
• Active-reactive energy counters
• USB port for programming
• Free programming software
• Graphic LCD, 128x64 pixels
• Wide supply range: 85-305VAC / 88-450VDC
• DC supply version available
• Wide operating temperature range