• Ana Sayfa

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DKG 205 Automatic Mains Failure Unit

• Automatic engine starting and stopping
• Automatic mains failure monitoring
• Automatic load transfer
• Automatic shutdown on fault condition
• Test and manual modes
• Serial data output for telemetry on Pc
• Periodic maintenance request display
• Survives cranking dropouts
• Provision for energize to stop, preheat & choke outputs
• Auto start unit mode available
• Mains phases voltage limits checking
• Generator phases voltage limits checking
• Delayed overspeed and underspeed alarm
• Battery high voltage alarm
• Digitally adjustable low & high mains voltage limits
• Digitally adjustable low & high generator voltage limits
• Digitally adjustable underspeed & overspeed limits
• Digitally adjustable delay for speed alarm
• Digitally adjustable battery high voltage limit
• Digitally adjustable timers
• Program locking feature
• Plug-in connection system for easy replacement
• Low cost
Note: This product is no longer available.