• Ana Sayfa

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DKG 527 Automatic Mains Failure Unit

• Automatic mains failure with genset control and protection
• Remote Start operation capability
• J1939 engine monitoring and control port
• Analogue temperature, oil pressure and fuel level inputs
• Genset KW and Power Factor measurement
• Engine hours run counter
• Periodic maintenance request display
• 197 field adjustable parameters
• Gas engine support
• GSM-SMS sending in case of alarm
• Modem call in case of alarm
• MODBUS communication
• Mains simulation input
• Engine Idle speed control
• Battery backed-up real time clock
• Weekly operation schedule programs
• Daily, weekly, monthly exerciser
• Event logging with time stamp
• Statistical counters
• Serial RS-232 data output for telemetry on PC
• Free MS-Windows remote monitoring SW with modem networking
• Configurable analogue inputs: 3
• Configurable digital inputs: 8
• Configurable relay outputs: 2
• Output expansion capability
Note: This product is no longer available.